Top 10 Sites for Designers: March 2018 Edition

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Welcome, friends, to the latest edition of the Top 10 Sites for Designers. We’ve curated a list of inspiring websites of particular interest to both designers and creatives. This month’s list includes a collaborative mind map tool, a face recognition experience that celebrates Internet pop culture, the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum’s new site and more.


Top 10 Sites for Designers: March 2018

1. Stinkmoji

Ever find yourself wondering whether someone has created a face recognition experience combining both face recognition and 3D modeling in order to celebrate Internet pop culture? Well, now you know: They have, indeed. Stinkmoji allows you to bring Stinkmoji characters to life with your own facial expressions.

2. Coggle – Simple Collaborative Mind Maps

Coggle is a collaborative mind-mapping tool that helps users make sense of complex things. You can create unlimited mind maps and easily share them with friends and colleagues. Coggle recently announced that there are now more than 100,000 public Coggle diagrams, searchable from their gallery page.

3. Latvian Alphabet

This intriguing site (which appears to have been designed by Not Perfect for and in partnership with Tele2, a company that has created a unique 4G throne that flies only wherever there is a 4G network) proves that a bird’s-eye view of Latvian landscapes, buildings, roads and rivers can reveal unexpected elements—including letters. (They do note, however, that in order to highlight the shape of the separate letters, some pictures have been artistically treated.) The alphabet was given to Latvia on its 100th anniversary. Here, you can browse the alphabet or write and share a personal message.

4. Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

Over at our sister site,, Steven Heller recently spoke with Bill Moran—a major force behind the amazing repository of past and present type, typography and printing that is the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum—about the Museum’s new website and its top features. Read what Moran had to say, and check it out for yourself here.

5. Brand Almanac

Something about Brand Almanac’s new site just makes us smile. Perhaps it’s the playful animations, or the fun colors and inspiring words. See for yourself.

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6. Thoughts on Position

This side project from NYC-based designer and street photographer Nei Valente is the first in a series titled “Thoughts on,” according to Valente, and his objective is to contribute to design discussions using simple design experiments. This particular exercise explores the relationship between the placement of an element and its meaning, and questions whether the same element can communicate different messages when placed in different positions. Valente says that the questions in the survey he created as part of this exercise can help us think more deliberately about the role that position plays in conveying meaning in work.

7. Typeform

Typeform—the data collection tool for professionals—has a new website created as part of the rebrand by DesignStudio (read DesignStudio’s recently published case study here). With illustrations inspired by Miró and Picasso and photography that reflects the company’s focus on understanding people, the easy-to-navigate site design makes sense to us. What do you think?

8. DesignBetter.Co

DesignBetter.Co (presented by InVision App) is “the essential guide to the best design practices from top design experts.” On the site, you can learn how to build a world-class design organization and more.


Httpster showcases impressive websites made by people all over the world as a curated inspiration resource. We discovered one of this month’s top 10 websites on their site!

10. WePresent by WeTransfer

WeTransfer recently launched an editorial site called WePresent, with the goal of sharing the voices of the creatives using its platform, and inspiring all creatives.

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