HOW Goes All Digital

Cheers to the Next Evolution of HOW

As the design world has evolved over the years, the HOW brand has taken pride in being right there with it, changing and shifting in ways that best serve this creative and technologically savvy audience. With this community now so fully immersed in digital, we, too, are excited to embrace this direction by focusing our efforts on all-digital formats.
Consequently, HOW magazine is no longer being published. Instead, we are focusing our efforts on the elements of the HOW brand that resonate most strongly with our consumers. This includes the HOW website, social media, competitions, HOWU online courses and the market-leading HOW events produced by Emerald Expositions. We will continue to bring readers the best design writing and content from the most prominent authors, legends and critics in the field.
Back issues of HOW are available from MyDesignShop while supplies last.