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Embrace Embossing with Neenah and Euclid

On top of textured paper, embossing adds more texture, more feeling, and more impact. Neenah Paper explains why foil stamping is great and embossing is boss, especially on their new leather-inspired line of textured paper.

embossing 9

Amp Up the Texture

Neenah’s PLIKE® Papers have a unique, soft touch surface that prints beautifully and offers a tactile sensation on its own. Adding specialty techniques like foil stamping and embossing can create a multi-dimensional experience.

How’d They Do That?

This piece, titled Reinvent the Feel, is a printed sample found in The Design Collection: Pearlized swatchbook. It’s foil stamped with two colors on one side, and printed 1 PMS on the other. Let’s take a closer look at this piece, the steps it took to produce it, and key considerations when working with...