Photography: Advice and Ideas for Web & Graphic Design

For designers who need photography 101 tips on photo shoots, photo editing apps and creative photography projects, HOW has design resources for your best shot ever. This page also highlights the intersection of photography and graphic design, including tips for art directing your next photo shoot.

DIY: A Photo Studio for Professional Product Shoots

Designers Roberto Blake and Jim Krause are on to something. They both passionately pursue photography as a side to their graphic design projects, and they advocate for other designers to pursue it as well. In fact, in Krause’s online course, Creative Exercises for Designers, he instructs students to experiment with photography as a way to...

Good Design Needs No Translation

HOW's International Design Awards invites graphic & web designers from around the globe to enter their work into this prestigious design competition, showcasing 300+ projects from numerous countries.

Photography, Postcards and the Impossible Project

Do you remember your first Polaroid camera? I do. My grandfather got it for me one Christmas when I was pretty young, and I recall waiting for the photo to develop, shaking it and hoping it would expedite the process. For a while, the family was forced to endure a photo shoot at every...