In-House Design: Careers & Advice

Find tips specifically for the unique challenges faced by in-house designers working for creative departments within corporations, organizations, businesses and educational institutions. If you work in-house, you may sometimes feel a bit out of place in corporate environments or in settings where you are the lone designer on staff. Get advice from in-house experts and learn how to navigate the corporate waters and maintain your creativity and design inspiration along the way. Plus, find tips for communicating the value of design to decision-makers.

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5 Online Courses for Designers

The best of the best are constantly working to improve their skills and get the right tools to succeed. So when we hear that “the average American spends roughly 11 hours a day in front of a computer screen,” even that isn’t enough. We sometimes get stuck in our own way of working and...


How to Spring Clean Your Design Career

Spring cleaning isn’t just about washing windows and clearing away cobwebs. Your design career also needs a thorough refresh every year so it’ll look its best—to recruiters, prospective clients and potential employers—in the months to come.