What a Trip: HOW Design Live is A Wild Ride

After waiting, planning, getting pumped, and then more waiting, HOW Design Live is HERE! And HOW’s editors are here too!

HOW’s editors are out here attending talks, getting the scoop, and having a blast. Here’s our latest findings from the front lines of this bustling, bursting, bubbling event.

HOW Design Live is happening in 2019.

The people at HOW Design Live.

Here’s the thing: everyone is here. Graphic designers, UX designers, digital marketers, in-house designers, freelance designers, writers, beginners, experts—everyone.

And everyone here is united in purpose: to think, talk, and live design, to challenge themselves to create, and to share their community.

It’s a rare thing—to watch camaraderie develop—but it’s here at HOW Design Live.

The exhibitor hall.

T-shirts. Catalogs. Books. Business cards. Magazines. Swag.

These booths have everything.

During open exhibitor hall hours, action is happening. HDL attendees are walking in empty-handed, and walking out with swag bags, magazines, and calendars (all beautifully designed and curated, of course).

As a place for meeting and mingling, the expo hall is lively and ideal.

The speakers.

From Jeremy Vo of Shutterstock, to Justin Ahrens of Rule29, to Lisa Congdon, serious industry leaders are taking the stage. The conference hall is stuffed full of insightful talks, forward-thinking discussion, and knowing nods of solidarity—even across disciplines and industries.

Thought leaders know that HDL attendees seek to be stimulated, impressed, and are ready to tackle tough questions. Each talk challenges norm, explores expectations, and challenges designers to face the hard stuff and face it well.

Talks are inspiring, rooms are full, and serious conversation and collaboration are happening around every corner.

The energy.

Putting together this many people at one time, in one space, means there’s bound to be a vibe. With potential for chaos, bad juju, or animosity, there’s not a single stitch of anything but positivity here. 

High fives, good vibes, and happy people are the HDL calling card.