4 thoughts on “Should You Design Your Own Logo?

  1. Moon Gold

    I designed my own logo, and it’s been registered as trademark in the U.S.
    I think the most important thing is to love what you do, and the concept will be created the way you wanted.

  2. WDsoft.in

    Well I like the idea of designing the logo all by myself but then it gets tricky. I have tried a lot of online logo designing tools but was not really satisfied with the design, they have pre-defined templates and all those logos look similar. And hiring a professional logo designer creates ego tussles. The logo designer has got his own pre-conceptions of how my logo should be and is bent on proving it right - mind you these graphic designers are dogmatic and stubborn. They won’t just design it “my” way - common buddy you need to satisfy the customer and not your artistic taste.

  3. EmpiricalDesigns

    Great article. It took a few revisions before we finally came to a logo that we really love. Like you mentioned, it never really feels like it’s complete. We’re currently working on a new revision set to debut in the next month.

    I’m in a lot of design groups and I can’t tell you how many times I see designers asking for feedback on their own logos. Design trends are always evolving and sometimes its best to have another set of eye balls check things out and provide valuable feedback.

  4. JohnnyN

    Interesting article! I find it quite difficult to create a logo. A good logo has to be simple, smart, eye-catching and not necessary to say something about the brand (the best example is Apple)