Houston Rises: Designers Helping Out After Hurricane Harvey

Something amazing happens when humans are faced with catastrophic situations: they start working together. We’ve seen incredible resilience from the Houston community in the wake of hurricane Harvey. Here at HOW, we wanted to do something to celebrate the strength of those affected by Harvey and to help those who need it most. So we’ve reached out to local designers in the Houston area to check in and to ask about their favorite charities to donate to.

Below, you’ll find design firms from Houston that are in our thoughts right now, along with a list of reputable charities that are accepting donations for hurricane Harvey relief. This is article will continue to be updated as we hear from more designers across the city.

Red Cross    |    Houston Food Bank    |    Food Bank of Corpus Christi    |    United Way of Greater Houston    |    Houston Humane Society    |    Houston SPCA    |    Red Cross & iTunes    |    GoFundMe   |   Houston Community ToolBank

Primer Grey

Website: http://thisispg.com/  |  Client: Eureka Heights

houston design

“A team of designers, producers, strategists, developers, creators, and collaborators in Houston’s East End with a history of developing brand experiences for the public, private and non-profit arenas, across a consciously mixed set of industries.

“We solve problems, think people first, bring new products and services to market, build brands, and design and engineer web experiences.”

5 + 8

Website: http://www.5plus8.com/  |  Client: Texas Tamale Co

houston design

“If we had a motto it would be, We do smart work for cool clients. So, I guess we kind of have a motto.”

“We are all witnessing Houston rise. First, with the unprecedented waters, but now and more impressive, we watch as the people rise. We rise for each other and for the city we love. More than just Houstonians, but Texans and Americans and human beings rise to help Houston climb out of this catastrophic disaster.

“We love this city. Some of us are born and raised Houstonians, while others are adopted sons and daughters. This shirt was made to honor our city. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Greater Houston Community Foundation for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.” —Adam Faust, Partner

houston design#houstonrises | houstonrises.org


Always Creative

Website: https://alwayscreative.net/  |  Client: Premium Draught

houston design

“We believe that good design is powerful, hard work is essential, and exploring the unknown is important.”

Core Design Studio

Website: http://coredesignstudio.com/  |  Client: Bramble

houston design

“For over 20 years, CORE Design Studio has fused professional insight with a playful spirit to create meaningful design experiences that resonate with our clients and the community. Our work aims to engage our collective need for understanding, inspiration, and connection, while leaving a positive impact on the world.”


Website: http://www.designbyprinciple.com/  |  Client: Goode Company Seafood

houston design

“Our mission is simple: we help brands of all sizes realize their promise.”


Website: http://designbyhawkeye.com/  |  Client: George Strait Reserve

houston design

“Successful brands are not accidental, nor are they the result of arbitrary decisions. Hawkeye excels at providing objective and strategic brand design solutions for our clients, regardless of the vehicle or medium.”


Website: https://formdg.com/  | Client: White Knuckle Sportshouston design

“We design methods and systems that move people.”

Limb Design

Website: http://limbdesign.com/ Client: BP
houston design

“To put things simply, we don’t operate like most large creative agencies with requests forms and change orders that create inefficiency, dilute the creative process, and add to overall costs. We don’t think you need a lot of paperwork and bodies to produce incredible work. And to some, that makes us a bit unconventional.”


Website: http://spindletopdesign.com/  |  Client: Tout Suite

houston design

“At Spindletop we help organizations codify their ideas, their ethos, and their ambition into appropriate, actionable, and tangible design strategies and assets. We build things both beautiful and effective, with award-winning work that translates into measurable results for our clients.”

Test Monki

Website: http://testmonki.com/  |  Client: Hanigan Johnson Orthodontics
houston design

“Business is more than just showing and selling—it’s about the experience. In an overcrowded marketplace, people gravitate toward companies and products they feel an emotional connection with.”

Think Carmen

Website: http://thinkcarmen.com/ 

houston design houston design