5 Public Art & Design Projects Around the World This Summer

Cities across the globe have become open-air museums this summer. But what’s up with all of these public art and design projects? We’ve seen all sorts of outdoor projects, whether it’s rooftop street art or magenta-hued basketball courts and protest flags. Learn about these five particularly incredible public art projects and the creative minds behind them:

Calligraphic Graffiti in Rome

The Italian fashion house Fendi has teamed up with Russian street artist Pokras Lampas, who uses a style of calligraphy in his graffiti. On the rooftop of Fendi’s Rome headquarters, Lampas has painted a yellow, black and white masterpiece. It’s what the artist calls “calligrafuturism.”

Pigalle’s Basketball Court in Paris

The Parisian creative agency Ill Studios has teamed up with Pigalle Paris, a fashion brand founded by designer Stephane Ashpool, and Nike to create a stunning basketball court in Paris. Wedged between two apartment buildings in Paris, the design is inspired by the minimal work of the Bauhaus design movement from the early 1920s, as well as artwork of Russian artist Kasimir Malevich. It also has a futuristic vibe and a spaced-out palette.

A Whirlpool at Brooklyn Bridge Park

British artist Anish Kapoor’s whirlpool is on view at Brooklyn Bridge Park as part of the Public Art fund until September 10. Descension, as it’s called, is a vortex of water surrounded by a round gate. Set at Pier One of the park, the 26-foot long whirlpool has a hypnotic effect for onlookers. The artist has said it is a reference to the current state of American politics.

Mirrored Icebergs at Lake Tahoe

Icebergs aren’t the only thing floating around the ocean these days, it’s true. Lake Tahoe will soon have a giant glass sculpture shaped like an iceberg, along with other art projects as part of LAKA’EUP, a show of public art launching this August 4-31. It’s part of an exhibition to raise awareness of climate change and protecting the lake ; the Washoe people will be doing spoken word themed around climate change and people are asked to kayak out to see the art on the water. The goal is to strengthen the connection between people and the environment, especially the natural ecosystem of the Lake Tahoe Basin.

D.I.Y. Flags High Above New York City

Earlier this year, Flag Day on July 3. The project-based organization Creative Time has organized a series of flags that will hang from the rooftop of their headquarters on the Bowery in New York City as a response to the current political climate—16 different flags by artists like Yoko Ono, whose flag reads “Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, Imagine Peace,” while Marilyn Minter’s reads “Resist.”

“We realized we needed a space to resist that was defined not in opposition to a symbol, but in support of one, and so we created a permanent space. The flag seemed an ideal form to build that space around both practically and symbolically,” says Creative Time Artistic Director Nato Thompson.

Robert Longo, (Dividing Time), 2017 | Photo by Nicholas Prakas, Courtesy of Creative Time

Marilyn Minter RESIST FLAG, 2017 | Photo by Nicholas Prakas, Courtesy of Creative Time

Tania Brugeura Dignity Has No Nationality, 2017 | Photo by Nicholas Prakas, Courtesy of Creative Time

Ahmet Ogut, If You’d Like This Flag in Colors, Burn It (In Memory of Marinus Boezem), 2017 | Photo by Nicholas Prakas, Courtesy of Creative Time

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